Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Five Greatest Stocks Update-October 2015

It is about that time for another update on The Five Greatest Stocks for the Next Five Years that I wrote about on October 30th 2011. Take note that this is the fourth year of the portfolio and at the time I wrote the article I believed that the overall performance of these stocks would beat the performance of the S&P 500 (SPY) and indeed that portfolio is roaring ahead like never before, trouncing the overall market with impressive returns. Also take note that Google is now called Alphabet Inc, but still trades with the GOOGL symbol. So without further ado, let's witness those returns....

Amazon (AMZN), $625.90: Total Return of 193.2%.

Apple (AAPL), $119.50: Total Return of 121%.

Alphabet (GOOGL): $737.39: Total Return of 148.6%.

MasterCard (MA), $98.99: Total Return of 190.5%.

Under Armour (UA), $95.08: Total Return of 350.6%.

The Total Return of The Five Greats Portfolio was 200.8%.

The Total Return of the S&P 500 (SPY) was 79.8%.

Stats and charts courtesy of low-risk-investing.

In conclusion, these five great companies continue to be strong and well positioned in their industries. With the fourth year completed, I continue to believe that the portfolio as a whole will continue to out-perform the S&P 500.

Special note: I have been questioned many times from my followers and readers on how exactly can a small investor invest in these five stocks when the prices of the shares are so high. The simple solution is to use the investment services of Motif Investingwhere a small investor can create their own portfolio of up to 30 stocks with a minimum investment of $250.

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  1. Those are great stocks and proven performers. Only problem is that when you're a relatively new investor (like me) with not a lot of cash, they are out of reach price-wise. Do you know of any similar stocks, maybe Twitter? that are a low price right now to buy but have the potential to perform in the future like these stocks do? Thanks!

  2. JerseyLil, thanks for the comment and I am sorry for the late reply. To be honest with you the "price" of a stock does not matter, it is the performance of the underlying company that does in most cases. The key is whether the dollar value that you put in increase over a long time, I would suggest that you take a look at some of the books that I have read, maybe individual stocks are a bit too risky to dive into for a beginner such as yourself, when I first began investing over twenty years ago, I made so many foolish "trades" that I had to step back and start reading and learning how to analyze stocks and the market. You have to put the time in, if not I always recommend that investor stick with low-cost funds from Vanguard. Please take your time and learn, if may be boring (reading & such), but it could be life changing.

    Thanks again and good investing.