Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What Makes A Movie Perfect?

Hello Movie Fans:

  So after a brief scare at the hospital...I am back with you to ponder the question...."If there was ever a perfect movie...what was it?" With the thousands of movies out there...there has to be so many...but for my is but only a few that I feel fit this honored list...and they are:

  1. Raiders of the Lost Ark
  2. Goodfellas
  3. The Empire Strikes Back
  4. Jaws
  5. Aliens
  6. Rudy
  7. Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
  8. Halloween (John Carpenter Version)
  9. The Dark Knight
  10. Scarface
  To me, a perfect movie is a movie that you can watch over and over and over again and never get tired of it. A movie where you can watch it and before you even get comfortable, the credits are rolling and the time screamed by. I can pick on the errors within the movie, the plot holes..yea, but to me...if I get my money's worth, forget about time, screw the outside world for 1 1/2+ hours...then that movie is worth a PERFECT rating in my book. 

  As time goes on, this list might change...but it is very very rare that filmmakers can make a movie like they did years ago. Now it is only about getting past the $100 million dollar mark and Hollywood thinks it's all about the effects, and not the plot. That is why 9 of these 10 movies were many years ago and all the director was concerned about was the plot, and character development...not the effects as much. When you watched these felt everything for these characters and more...not the effects. That is what made these movies special, and in my book perfect.

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  1. and I hope you're feeling better!

  2. Where is Casablanca? or some of Hitchcock's films!!! I mean Scott, Psycho is definitely better than Halloween.

  3. I am not into the older films, you would think I would be since I am Mr. MovieNews, but I could never get into those era films...