Wednesday, October 5, 2011

In Memory Of Steve Jobs

Today, on October 5, 2011-the world lost one of the greatest visionaries ever. Steve Jobs can only be described as a man that followed his dream and made his dream our dream. When I was just a kid, I remember looking at the Apple 2e and wondering to myself, " what am I going to do with that! " and then I went home and played with my Atari 2600. I now own Apple products and am a happy shareholder, but I truly am going to miss Steve. Thanks for making some dreams come true.


  1. I'm sorry I had to break the bad news to you last night. It's eerie how we were talking about Jobs running things behind the scenes at Apple just Tuesday night! For sure the company, the industry and the world are a little less bright now. RIP Steve

  2. HEY JOE
    I remember 1988 college, “hey Joe what do you think of this apple computer?” Joe “it is for the wealthy, IBM and Microsoft are the future! It is a fad.”
    Then 1996 "Hey Joe this Apple is so cool, no viruses, great graphics, so user friendly I really want one!” Joe “well there are no games really for it and a lot of software that you use won’t work on it!”
    2011 "hey Joe I just picked up an apple this is great!!” Joe “yeah but web pages don’t open all the way like windows. "
    Thank god Steve did not know a "Hey Joe", or we would be in the Zune/Window dominated world that would crash and give us the wonderfully useless blue screen of death. We would have lost out on the stunning impact Steve Jobs had in revolutionizing the way people consume media and entertainment.