Thursday, June 21, 2012

Yakezie Has Challenged Me To Help Others Succeed……

…..and I have accepted. Yakezie is a personal finance blog that I stumbled on when trying to find out some information about mortgage rates and not only did I find what I needed, but I also found a community of several different websites that help the people save, invest and quite frankly succeed.

I was hooked; there were so many Yakezie community members that were selflessly helping readers on the basics of finance. One of the members that truly wrote his articles with confidence was a writer named Sam, well it turns out that he was the founder of the Yakezie Network and with his other site Financial Samurai, he was spreading his knowledge of finance and influencing so many writers to spread all that they knew about money and the lifestyle that come with it.

Sam, I hope that I am up to the challenge

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  1. Good luck man! BTW, Google Blogger does not notify trackbacks when you link out, so I would consider changing to Wordpress or figuring out how to let folks know when you link out!

    Best, Sam

    1. Yes..Sam, I have been considering this, but Blogger I think is still great for beginners...