Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Turn $1000 into $6000, Secret Revealed!!!

Did I get your attention? I hope I did, because after reading this article I will have taught you the secret that turned your minuscule amount of money into dollars you can use. No, it is not some get rich quick program that you HAVE TO join for $199 and it is not some multilevel marketing program. I know you think you have to lick some envelopes or participate in some online survey, but you would be wrong. What is this great secret? Well, I can tell you that a certain famous scientist named Albert Einstein would be proud of you for using this most powerful force to achieve wealth. Do you know what it is yet?

I can't tell you the answer yet, but what I can tell you is that you must practice the art of being patient if you want to receive this $6000. I can also tell you that you can dramatically increase the final sum of this wealth by using simple tried and true methods that I can almost guarantee will not strain your wallet or pocket book. Do you know the secret yet?

Wait, there is more! This amazing system can be done without paying huge commissions and fees, so you would be crazy not to try this full proof method of increasing and achieving wealth. OK, I am ready to tell you the secret, but first...take a look at this chart.

Above is a chart comparing 3M (MMM) and the S&P Index over a twenty year period without dividends. Over this period MMM returned about 10% on an annual basis while the S&P returned about 9%.  Now, guess what $1000 put into MMM common stock would turn into after twenty years? How about $6,700 and how did it achieve this return---by using the SECRET force greater than the universe....COMPOUNDING.

I know you are a bit disappointed, but the good news is that you can receive returns like this by buying quality securities and patiently holding them for the long term. Oh, and how do you grow returns without straining your wallet or purse...that's easy--just consistently add extra dollars every month through either a discount broker or a DRIP plan. I can tell you this just adding as little as $25 a month to the stock of MMM would turn that same $1000 into almost $25,000!!! ...Now we are talking.

Please take note that I have used the great free tools at to run these numbers I encourage you to download their spreadsheets and see the secret revealed.

Disclaimer: All articles are written as an opinion of the writer or writers. The contributors on this website are not professional investment advisors. These articles are written to share investing ideas that may be of interest to the reader. Always seek the advice of a professional investment advisor before investing.

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