Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Fate of DC Comics in Movies??

Hello Movie Fans:

  As we are almost on the opening of "The Dark Knight Rises",  we have to wonder what is DC COMICS going to do to capture the audience and money that MARVEL STUDIOS has done. DC COMICS is so far behind in this race, will they, can they ever catch up?

  Since our beloved comic book hero's have hit the screen, it is mostly been all MARVEL that has done the talking:

  • Spider-Man (Multiple Movies)
  • Iron Man (Multiple Movies, and a new one in filming now)
  • Hulk
  • Captain America (New movie coming in 2014)
  • Thor (New movie coming soon)
  • The Avengers (New movie in development)
  • Ant Man (In development)
 Many other MARVEL characters are coming to big screen in the near future and are in advanced stages of development. Where is DC COMICS...What do they have to offer us:

  • Batman (Multiple movies)
  • Superman (Multiple movies, new movie in 2014)
  • Jonah Hex 
  • Watchmen
  • Green Lantern
  • Supergirl
  • Catwoman
 As you can see, DC COMICS is not even close to what MARVEL has done, but the potential is there. Rumor has it that DC COMICS has a Justice League movie in the works. Now if this is true, how good can this be. There has been no independent movies based on those characters within the Justice League released. Perhaps a few such as Batman, Superman, but that's it. MARVEL STUDIOS has done a BRILLIANT job of setting up their films, marketing them, releasing them with time in between each character, and the development of these characters. If DC COMICS wants any hope in doing what MARVEL is doing...all they have to do is go to the movies and watch them. Watch & learn quickly because as of right now, many fans are saying DC COMICS WHO?? Many fans of the Batman & Superman franchises will be happy with the upcoming releases, but what happens after that...more years of waiting and speculation while the MARVEL fans laugh and point at the DC fans....

Till Next Time:
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  1. Scott, I think that movie goers like Marvel characters simply because they seam HUMAN, as opposed to DC. I mean Superman and Green Lantern...Also the stories seem to resonate with the average Joe...including me. Nice going Scott.

    J. A.