Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Have I Reached My Goal?

I started this blog so many years ago and remember when I wrote one of my first blog articles about the late Steve Jobs, founder of Apple (Blog Post). This was back in 2011 and really all it was was a simple snippet article in honor of is life. Now in 2020, I am questioning whether or not I achieved what I wanted when I started this blog. The key thing is, what really was my goal?

Anyone who knows me, follows me on Twitter, read my old Seeking Alpha articles, or subscribed to my YouTube Channel knows that I am an avid Stock Investor who always wanted to share insights on investing in some of the greatest public companies in the world. These investments can truly be life changing, but not always in a good way. Stock Investing has changed my life mostly in a good way and this is what I wanted to try to convey when I started this blog. I wanted to teach people the little secrets that made me a successful investor (at least in my mind...lol).

The thing is, what comes easy to me may not come easy to my readers. I have found it very hard to show this in the written word. I just think that a blog on Stock Investing is real difficult. One has to embed charts within the blog, explain moving averages, show revenues and EPS numbers, etc. Still, I know that my readers have had trouble "getting it." I had to change or I would never reach people, but change how?

So, as you can see by now, I have not reached my goal and what is my goal, well that is the easiest answer. I want to help people succeed in life period, not only through stock investing, but also motivate people to be their best selves whatever they decide to do. I may not be as tall as Tony Robbins, but I think I can motivate like him!

What does this all mean? I have decided that it may be time for me to consider different ways to reach and help people. What are those ways? That is a good question. Well, in addition to this blog (no it is not going away) and Twitter, I will be starting a YouTube Channel and am also considering a Podcast channel.

So there you go, together we will either fail or succeed....no WE WILL SUCCEED!

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