Monday, February 4, 2013

The Five Greatest Stocks Update: February 2013

This month I figured I would wait for all earnings releases to come out for The Five Greatest Stocks portfolio. Since my last post in September, this portfolio has had a tough battle to stay ahead of the S&P 500. Though it was a close battle, the portfolio continues to outperform the Index. Dates cover November 2011 to January 31, 2013. All returns include dividends reinvested unless otherwise noted.
Portfolio total return with dividends reinvested: 27.5%
S&P 500 (SPY) with dividends reinvested: 24%

Under Armour (UA): Price: $50.50, Total Return of 19.6%.
Google (GOOG): Price: $775.60, Total Return of 30.9%.
MasterCard (MA): Price: $518.71, Total Return of 49.8%.
Apple (AAPL): Price: $453.62, Total Returns of 13.1%.
Amazon (AMZN): Price: $265, Total Return of 24.1%.

This was truly a trying time for the five greats, Under Armour and Apple had some serious breakdowns during this period. Apple is especially beginning to worry me, this company may be growing its earnings and revenues slower than I had expected. I will continue to monitor it, but I believe the worst is over for the stock. Going forward, Google and MasterCard have been star performers and the “overvalued” Amazon continues to amaze.

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  1. Surprised it was even this close. What were once the shining stars of the top 5 (UA and AAPL) have suddenly become the laggards. The key is how they do long-term, and I believe they all will be fine.

  2. The portfolio has another three plus years to go, I am rather confident that it will continue to beat The S&P. I would worry about AMZN and AAPL going forward, and as you know not for the same reasons. Thanks for the comment ...Cuz.