Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The New Year Starts With You...First!

So here we are, 2012 is here and it is time for a change. I have changed my way of thinking many years ago, so now it is time for you to change your way of thinking. Many years ago, maybe a decade or more I picked up a very important habit, to pay myself first. This basically meant that when I received my pay I would set aside money for savings first. I would not pay bills first, I would not go food shopping first, no what I would do is pay myself first and put the money somewhere safe and desperately try not to use it. Now it time for you to do the same. I promise you if you make a habit of paying yourself first you will learn the value of money and hopefully this will lead you to wealth.

I know it is difficult to do, and I also know that sometimes it is difficult to even save a measly dollar; this is why I try to share what I know about investing. I have tools on my website and I encourage all my readers to use these tools, they are free and available to all. I also encourage all my readers to read the books that I have recommended. Together, these resources can motivate and hopefully show you that improving one’s life financially is possible
As I look back at 2011, I would like to tell everyone that I will try even harder in 2012 to teach people what I know about certain stocks and hopefully entertain my readers as well. I am looking forward to a prosperous 2012. 

Thank you,

J. A. Saglimbeni
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