Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nokia and Microsoft, Friends with Benefits?

What do you do if you were once a mighty cell phone maker and you have lost your way? Well, you partner up with one of the largest software companies in the world, hoping that they can help you get your "mojo" back. In February Nokia (NOK) and Microsoft (MSFT) formed what they hope will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship by partnering up to make phones running on Microsoft's Windows operating system. Nokia, believe it or not is still one of the biggest cellular players in the game with over a 20 percent market share, but they are rapidly losing their share to Samsung, LG, and Apple. This Finnish company is hoping it it not finished being a leader yet, but will it be able to create popular phones that will be as iconic as the phones in the Matrix films (remember that cool phone). I think that this partnership is going to keep Nokia in the game, especially when Windows 8 starts becoming the OS for future phones, let's not forget that Nokia can design some really good looking phones and I think that Microsoft can be the answer to corporations that want security and messaging similar to Research In Motion's (RIMM) Blackberry. I think the real winner in this friendship is going be Microsoft, with its new OS and beautifully designed hardware from Nokia. Nokia, of course will be very grateful that Mister Softee saved its butt. Do you disagree let me know?

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