Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Plea From Me.....

Hello Movie Fans:

 This week I am going to spend a few minutes begging, pleading, expressing anger and getting something off my chest that has been happening for many years now, and it is just enough....I have had it.

  As the movies get bigger, the budgets grow faster then the national debt, movie studios are doing everything and anything to make sure YOU get your butts to the theater and spend your money and see their movie. The way they tackle this task is to:

  • Release numerous trailers
  • Release numerous commercials
  • Release 10-20 minute portions of the movie
  I have had it. With the current release of "The Dark Knight Rises", this is the perfect example of how the studio is going way overboard and showing us way to much of this blockbuster movie which needs very little if any advertising to promote this film. Every studio is guilty of this and have they ever heard of the LESS IS MORE concept?

  With all this material being released for this BATMAN movie, I am actually not excited to see this with seeing so much of it already. Sure, I could have ignored all the commercials, trailers, news reports, and everything else....but when it is rammed down your throat and is everywhere, you can only try so hard to keep away but you can't eliminate everything.

  I am very well aware of the marketing of a movie and how important it is, but to some people including myself, I would rather see very little and wait to experience it the way it should be seen....on the big screen and me not knowing what the hell to expect. Will I see this movie....of course...but the joy and thrill will not be the same now with everything I have seen. Of course I am sure all this material that has been shown is very very little to that actual movie, but I would rather see 1 trailer, 2-3 commercials, and that's it.

  So, with that...I will be there, I am a fan, and I will spend my money. However, I beg to the studios....stop this insanity and just relax. We, the fans will still go see your movies, we will still make it a blockbuster, but we do not need all that you throw at us.....

Whew...My $.02
Mr. MovieNews

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  1. If I were you Scott, I would invest in Disney (DIS)..I do believe it is a good long-term investment...at least better than paying for popcorn at a movie theater.