Sunday, December 16, 2012

Check Out My Book

It's been a long time since I posted on Access Not Denied! I've been very busy writing a few different things, the work that I actually managed to finish is my eBook entitled Growth Investing: Finding the Perfect Stock for You. It is available for $2.99 on all Amazon Kindle-enabled devices and it is part of the Kindle Lending Library which means anyone with an Amazon Prime account can borrow it for free!

The focus of the book is to explain what I feel are the successful keys to building a long-term growth portfolio; finding quality growth stocks that can remain in a portfolio for years and even decades into the future. It is my firm belief that any meaningful investment in long-term growth has to be rooted in an investor's own personal knowledge/enjoyment of the company and the sector in which the company operates in. I know it sounds a bit cliched but this technique has worked wonders for my portfolio over the last four years and I believe it can do so for other investors as well. The first thing I have prospective investors do is to make a list of the companies that they use and enjoy in their everyday life. From there, we can begin to screen, analyze and evaluate them on an individual basis.

The book breaks down and explains the five most essential categories for growth stocks: 1. competitive advantage/ brand security and loyalty, 2. upward trending chart, 3. strong growth technicals including revenue, EPS and return on capital, 4. proper valuation, 5. company/marketplace variables.

I walk the reader through the necessary steps to finding growth stocks that are perfect for them to own. I draw my information all from free-to-use websites so the reader can follow along easily. To best illustrate the technique I offer my own personal stock observations on the companies that I have invested in and have been successful with.

I invite everyone that reads this post to at least glance over my book and read a few pages of it. I am confident that once you begin reading it you will feel comfortable and confident in my technique to want to read more of it. I hope everyone that reads the book learns at least something that they didn't know before. If I can manage to have done that then my book will have been a success. Good luck fellow investors!


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  1. Phil, has the student learned anything from the teacher? I think you definitely have...I am proud of you and hope to one day complete my book one day and join you among the greats. Continue to help the common man and rewards are waiting.

    Your Cousin,