Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Five Greatest Stocks PERFORMANCE UPDATE-Sept. 2012

I have not updated the performance numbers for the Five Greatest Stocks for The Next Five Years portfolio that I created back in late October of 2011 in a while, So here are the updated results as of September 28th. Dates cover November 2011 to September 30, 2012.

Portfolio Total return with dividends reinvested: 31.9%
S&P 500 with dividends reinvested: 15%

UA: Price: $55.83, Total Return: 36.09%.
GOOG: Price: $754.50, Total Return: 30.39%.
MA: Price: $451.58, Total Return: 35.05%.
AAPL: Price: $667.10, Total Return: 68.24%.
AMZN: Price: $254.32, Total Return: 19.90%.

As you can see, the portfolio has performed rather well against the S&P 500. I continue to believe that these five stocks will continue to beat the overall market going forward, but would recommend each investor to monitor these companies and encourage them to take profits if need be. I have added a link here to see a chart of the stocks compared to the S&P 500. Performance numbers courtesy of Low-Risk Investing.

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