Monday, November 7, 2011

"Apollo 18" Review

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  History: I have been a space buff since I was a little kid. I have watched all the launches from Apollo thru the Space Shuttle program. I am one of the few that can sit and watch the NASA TV Channel even when there is no mission in progress. So, I consider myself not only a fan, but somewhat educated with the space program.  When I heard that "Apollo 18" was being released and this was supposedly a mission that happened that our government was holding from us...The thought raced through my head: "Could it be...Could this actually have happened? Stranger things are known to have happened, and we all know our government does not tell us everything."

 Review: "Apollo 18" supposedly is the mission to the moon that nobody was to ever know about. We all know that Apollo 17, was the last mission of the Apollo space program to make room for the upcoming Space Shuttle program. "Apollo 18" is to be taken as one of those "FOUND FOOTAGE" movies and we are supposed to believe that what we are seeing has really happened.

  This movie was believable up until the moment where insects were found on the surface of the moon. I guess you can call them insects, or an alien life form...whatever you want. The movie is filmed through the perspective of handheld camera, and shaky ground cameras. If you have motion sickness, this movie could piss you off. Remember, this movie is made to make you feel 2 things:

  1. Filmed during the late 1970's with the state of the art cameras from that time period.
  2. Filmed this way to make it as believable as possible it was the astronauts who filmed it.
  I would like to say the movie was suspense filled, action packed, kept me on the edge of my seat, even made me want more at the didn't. The hype for the movie, the buzz being generated before it's release was more to be excited about than the movie itself. Perhaps if they kept the INSECT element out of the movie...I might have enjoyed it more....hell...I think the movie might have been actually more believable. 

  The movie did what it was supposed to do...pass the time on the clock. I would not suggest this to others, only if there is nothing else to watch, and if the person was a space buff like myself. It is a damn shame, because I had high hopes for this movie and really wanted it to succeed. If you really want to see some amazing NASA stuff, here are a few suggestions other than this movie.....Clickable links below.....

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